Presenter Affiliation Title Time
Xiang Yuan VU and U Lille Molecular properties in the linear response regime and beyond with relativistic equation-of-motion coupled-cluster 06-12-2022 14:00
Vivek Sundaram Technical University of Eindhoven Novel computational strategies to facilitate multiscale simulations of polymers: Development and application 01-11-2022 14:00
Taha Selim RU Efficient computational methods for rovibrational transition rates in molecular collisions 05-07-2022 14:00
Saba Ghasemlou Radboud University Simulations of the phase transition in DL-methionine 03-05-2022 14:15
Riccardo Reho Utrecht University First-principles calculations of transition metal dichalcogenides: optical properties in van der Waals heterostructures 26-09-2023 14:00
Raghavedra Meena Wageningen University Key descriptors for tuning the activity of Mo2C catalysts for hydrodeoxygenation reactions 28-02-2023 14:00
PhD+ Live Event Science Park Amsterdam PhD+ in-person event 14-09-2022 10:00
Last PhD+ seminar before summer 05-07-2022 14:00
Karma Tenzin University of Groningen Current-induced spin polarization in non-magnetic materials 28-02-2023 14:00
Jan Stevens RUG A Cell under the Computational Microscope 16-01-2024 14:00
Hugo Franca University of Amsterdam Continuum simulation of nonlinear fluids with deformable surfaces 26-09-2023 14:00
Hannah Jonas University of Amsterdam Understanding the role of confinement in thermodynamic equilibrium 07-06-2022 14:20
Gerrit-Jan Linker UT Ab Initio Calculations for XPS Spectroscopy 16-01-2024 14:00
Francesco Cannizzaro TU/e Elucidating the role of single atoms ensembles on M/In2O3 catalysts (M= Ni, Pd, Pt, Rh) 05-07-2022 14:20
Edgar Landinez Borda University of Twente Accurate parameterization of the kinetic energy functional 01-11-2022 14:00
Celine Nieuwland VU How the Chalcogen Atom Size Dictates the Hydrogen-bond Donor Capability of Carboxamides, Thioamides, and Selenoamides 06-12-2022 14:20
Alice Cuzzocrea University of Twente Dynamics with noisy forces: exploring quantum Monte Carlo limits and possibilities 03-05-2022 14:00
Bart Klumpers TU/e Machine learning lateral interactions for catalysis 07-06-2022 14:00
First KNCV-CTC PhD+ Seminar! 03-05-2022 14:00